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SwissPerc Sizing

We offer 5 different sizes of SwissPercs to accommodate all preferences. The Micro Swiss made with 25mm tubing, Mini and Medium Swiss made with 32mm, Fullsize with 38mm and the XXL on 44mm. There are 2 styles of SwissPercs made in the Studio, Classics and SideFeeders. We make every combination of Style and Size but our most popular is the Classic Fullsize.

We're Back

SwissPerc Studios is back in action with a new refined line of products designed by the legendary Nate Dizzle. After over a decade of perfecting the SwissPerc design these pieces truly represent the pinnacle of form and function. With every Swiss being unique, these are collectors items that will be enjoyed every day

Thank you for visiting

If you have any questions please feel free send us an email or visit the Q & A section of our site. We take great pride in our customer service and strive to make ourselves available to you, our collectors, who make this journey possible. Thank you!