Interview with Nate Dizzle

Q: How long have you been blowing glass?

A: Since June 2002.

Q: Over what years was the first round of the 100 Swiss’s released?

A: Started in 2009 and finished in 2010.

Q: What led to the switch from the donut hole in the neck to the swoop neck?

A: Swoop Neck is cleaner than Donut Neck but he is very happy with our new invention of the Donut Swoop.

Q: When and where was the first Swiss Perc made?

A: Mid-2007 at the second GlassWorksPark Studio in Seattle.

Q: Can you name any sources of inspiration for the SwissPerc?

A: Hamm was and is the inspiration for most "scientific" pipe makers.  More specifically, I saw a sherlock bubbler at Bern Gallery by Jason Live Free Gordon that had a neon-filled non functional "swiss" chamber attached to it.  That image never left my head and I knew I had to attempt a functional piece with holes throughout.  

Q: What’s your personal favorite hole layout and style of SwissPerc?

A: Layback is definitely my favorite style Swiss, as I personally made every one in existence. They're designed specifically to be used while sitting (laying) back on the couch. Try it out, you'll be shocked. It's not a tabletop piece.  

Q: Which artist have you collaborated with the most on Swiss’s?

A:  Either Voorhees or Ease, hard to say.

Q: What style Swiss was the most difficult to make for you?

A: Trophy Swiss are certainly the most challenging design to make.

Q: When was the original Swiss Perc studio producing a production line of Swiss Percs?

A: OG Studio opened in 2009 and closed in 2012.

Q: What size neck bore and thickness have been used?

A: All Swiss are made with 5mm tubing: Oilers on 22mm,  Micros on 25mm, Mini/Mediums on 32mm, Fullsize on 38mm and XXL on 44mm.  The diameter has fluctuated over the years but has always remained 5mm thick.

Q: What’s the most holes that have ever been put on a Swiss?

A: 52 holes i believe and it's the giant electroformed one that Luca owns, from the Smoked book.  

Q: What artists worked at the original SwissPerc Studio?

A: OG studio crew: Nate Dizzle, Matt A., Voorhees, DoshWorld, JD Maplesden and Terasina (manager).

Fun Fact: number 1/100 from 2010 and number 100/100 from 2020 both reside in my personal collection, unused!